Group Counseling

Group Counseling? No way!

So you don’t think that group counseling is for you. It’s a common reaction. The idea of bearing your soul in front of strangers is scary. You don’t want to feel embarrassed. Perhaps you think that others won’t care, and maybe your problems are unique. After all, people with troubles can’t help each other, right? You prefer being alone with a counselor, someone who’ll really understand you.

Did you know that group counseling is the most effective and least costly way of creating growth and change? It’s true! There are far more rewarding benefits to being in a group than you might realize. Here’s why:

1. More time for discussion

A typical small group meeting is for 1 ½ hours, twice the time of an individual session. There are many opportunities for everyone to share their thoughts, concerns and ideas. Groups meet once per week and sometimes more often. This isn’t always possible with individual sessions due to the limits placed on your insurance benefits by managed care.

2. Tailored to your concerns

Group counseling is specialized. That means you’ll be with others who share the same issues. That makes the group very focused. The range of topics is endless. There are groups for learning Stress Management, Parenting, Overcoming Shyness, Coping with Loss, etc. Did you know that managed care policies don’t pay for growth and education? That’s right! Not a problem when you join a group!

3. Confidential and private

Groups have safeguards and rules to protect your privacy. Everyone is required to honor them. There are also no worries about diagnosis, filing insurance claims, or employers knowing your personal business. Payment is on a cash basis only.  Group counseling gives you these freedoms and more.

4. A team approach

It’s more rewarding to learn when you have partners to help you. Groups encourage teamwork. Outcome studies show that group participants consistently rate a sense of belonging as being one of the most important factors in overcoming their problems. The wisdom and support of a group is an enriching experience. Individual counseling simply can’t match this benefit.

5. Affordable and cost effective

Are you tired of the limits imposed on you by managed care? Insurance companies authorize sessions based on your diagnosis and something called “medical necessity”. It means that business people get to decide if the help you want is warranted! Aren’t you the best judge of this? Did you also know that the fee for a single group session is often lower than the co-pay you’d give to see a therapist individually? Furthermore, there are no session limits. You get to decide when your work is finished.

Group Counseling: the Most Effective Way to Change by far

From a therapist’s perspective, it’s the most exciting and energizing work I can do. I encourage you to consider the benefits of group counseling. Please call me for a chat. I welcome the opportunity to be part of your journey toward growth and self-discovery.

With warm regards,

Group Counseling

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