Facts About OCD

  • OCD affects approximately one in 42 adults in the United States.
  • OCD is the fourth most common psychiatric diagnosis and one of the ten leading causes of disability worldwide.
  • Approximately six million Americans have OCD.
  • OCD is equally common in males and females.
  • Nearly 1/3 to 1/2 of all sufferers will report that their OCD began in childhood.  Some will even show signs in their pre-school years. Cases of OCD have been reported in children as young as 1 ½ years old.
  • OCD will evolve throughout a person’s life. Symptoms can change, worsen, become milder or even disappear.  Regardless, OCD is chronic and often disabling.
  • OCD often worsens due to stress, illnesses, and disease.
  • OCD is sometimes accompanied by depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, or other anxiety disorders.
  • Surveys estimate that most people with OCD hide their symptoms, and less than 10 % of those suffering are currently in treatment.
  • Most people see an average of three to four health professionals and spend more than nine years seeking treatment for OCD before they are correctly diagnosed.1


1Jenike, M.A. Clinical Practice:  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. New England Journal of Medicine, 350(3):  259-265

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Therapist Credentials

ERP is considered the best-evidence treatment for OCD.  It is essential for the therapist to be skilled in CBT and ERP.  To date, no other treatment modality possesses the efficacy of ERP.

The therapist must not be squeamish.  ERP is challenging.  Whatever is asked of the client, the clinician should be willing to do as well.

Family Involvement

The OCD therapist is family friendly.  It is essential to work within the context of the family to support patient recovery.  Family members need to be educated about what works to help their loved one.  They must be encouraged not to accommodate the patient through cooperating with rituals.  It is sometimes also necessary to treat the person with OCD in their home.


The OCD therapist supports the use of medication for treating symptoms when warranted.  Cooperation with physicians and medical specialists facilitates recovery. Quality of life matters.

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