Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        How do I make an appointment with Frank?

A:        Please call (904) 410-6324 to schedule your initial appointment. He will return the call.  It will take 10 to 15 minutes to get some basic information from you such as the reason you wish to see Frank, and the type of insurance coverage you carry.  You will be invited to create a patient portal account.

Q:        Can my insurance be billed for services?

A:        Frank can provide you with a superbill which can be used to file with your insurance company. Depending on the provisions of your plan, partial reimbursement for counseling services may be available when rendered by an out-of-network provider. Frank can also accept HSA and FSA debit cards.  Payment is expected at the time of service.

Q:        What can I expect from my first appointment with Frank?

A:        This is the time for getting to know you, and the reason for wanting counseling.  Frank will ask questions about your history and symptoms.   More than one session is sometimes needed to complete this process.  Your plan for treatment will be discussed.  It’s also the time to establish your goals for counseling, and what you hope to accomplish.  All appointments are 45 minutes in length, unless special arrangements are made.

Q:        Can my spouse or significant other attend the first appointment?

A:        Sure.  It’s up to you.  You may or may not want family, loved ones, or friends involved.  Regardless, it’s always done with your permission.

Q:        Can my counseling records be released to anyone without my knowledge?

A:        No.  Records cannot be released without your written consent.  By law, Frank cannot communicate with anyone unless you give permission.  This is done to protect your privacy.  Please be advised that there are certain exceptions.  Frank may have to release information about you if you threaten to harm yourself and/or others.  This is done for your protection.  He must also comply with any judge’s order.  It’s also necessary for your insurance company to have some basic information about you like the diagnosis.

Q:        For how many sessions will I be seen?

A:        That depends.  Your time with counseling could be three to six months, or sometimes longer.  Whatever the situation, counseling should be practical. It’s about building skills and finding solutions.  How far to go is your choice.  The objective should be to have the best experience possible.

Q:        What if I need medication?

A:        Frank can help you arrange a medication consult with your family doctor, a psychiatrist, or  nurse practitioner.  These professionals specialize in treating your symptoms with medication.

Q:        Can Frank be reached after business hours?

A:        Frank encourages clients to be independent, but extra support is sometimes needed.   He can be reached after hours for non emergent needs. Please contact the office by phone and follow the prompts.   You can also leave a message for general questions and concerns.  For emergencies, please dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital ER.

Q:        Will Frank communicate with my doctor?

A:        Communication is essential to good treatment.  Frank encourages it.  With your permission, he can send records to your doctor describing the treatment plan and any recommendations.  He can also speak with your doctor by telephone.

Q:        Is Frank available for consultations with other professionals on my behalf outside of his office?

A:        Yes.  Frank realizes that it is helpful to meet personally on occasion with other professionals who are involved with his clients.  These services may not be reimbursed by your insurance company.  A cash arrangement will need to be discussed with Frank.

Q:        What if I live out of town?  Is telehealth available?

A:        Yes.  Frank’s practice is 100% telehealth for anyone in Florida.  His best clients enjoy the freedom and flexibility of telehealth.

Q:        What are Frank’s responsibilities toward me as a client?

A:        Frank’s duty is to practice within the laws that govern Mental Health Counselors in the State of Florida, as stipulated in Chapter 491 of the Florida State Statutes, relating to professions and occupations.  Frank promises to continue his training to keep up to date with advancing scientific information concerning counseling process and procedures.

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