Your First Appointment

I truly believe that investing in one’s Mental Health is the Best investment that can be made!  I am committed to providing my clients with the Highest Quality, Client Centered, Empathetic and Consistent Environment to help Empower them in obtaining a balance between Mind, Body and Spirit.

What I Can Offer To You

You can expect to receive personalized attention when you call my office. Our caring staff will assist you in scheduling a timely appointment to address your counseling needs. Because we are a small group practice, our treatment team can coordinate your care efficiently. We work together to help you reach your goals. This could include communicating with your family practice physician, OB/GYN or other healthcare providers. My desire is that you get the best care possible.

Your first appointment with me should be a meaningful experience. It is our opportunity to get to know you. This process begins in the waiting room before our session together. A comprehensive, forty-five minute evaluation will follow. This includes establishing the goals for your treatment, or identifying what you want to gain from counseling. Family, loved ones, or significant others are welcome to participate in your care, as needed. This happens only with your permission because your privacy is very important to me.

How To Schedule Your Appointment

To talk with my staff, please call 904-278-4999. We will need some basic information from you. All services are strictly confidential. We accept many insurance plans. In most cases, we can bill your insurance company directly. You will be responsible for a co-payment.

Appointment Availabilities

Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The practice closes for most major holidays.

How To Handle Emergencies

I understand that sometimes a crisis can emerge. During regular business hours, I can usually arrange to see you within forty-eight hours. The answering service can reach me after business hours. However, all life-threatening emergencies require a call to 911, or transportation to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Frank Morelli, LMHC serves Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Orange Park, FL from:

501 State Road 13
St Johns, FL 32259
Office (904) 410-6324
Fax (855) 823-3434

A List Of Common Concerns That May Be Important To You

• Anxiety
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Christian Counseling
• Child/Adolescent Issues
• Conflict Resolution
• Depression
• EAP Services
• Family Counseling
• Geriatric
• Grief
• Group Counseling
• Growth and Development
• Life Enrichment
• Medication Management
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Parenting Training
• Phase of Life Issues
• Relationship Issues
• Sexuality
• Stress Management Training
• Substance Abuse
• Trauma Recovery
• Women’s Issues

If for some reason I am not able to help you, my staff can direct you to another treatment provider or show you how to access your insurance company for other in-network specialists. Whatever the situation,  I hope to provide you with some direction.

OCD and Anxiety Disorder Specialist

Frank Morelli M.A. | 501 State Road 13, Saint Johns, FL 32259 | (904) 410-6324

This contact form is for informational purposes only.  If this is a medical emergency, please contact 911 immediately for police assistance.

My office is easily accessible for those who live in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Saint Augustine.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact me directly at (904) 410-6324.

Your comments or questions are welcomed!

OCD and Anxiety Disorder Specialist

Frank Morelli MA, LMHC | P.O. Box 600100 Jacksonville, FL 32260 | (904) 410-6324

This contact form is for general inquiries only.  If you are having a medical or mental health crisis, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

Collection and use of your private information is strictly limited.  The Privacy Policy is available for you to review.

My virtual office serves all of Florida, including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Daytona, Orlando, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami. You may call me directly at (904) 410-6324.